About us

TecnoDoc was born in 2005 by 3 "boys' " initiative which, after many years of experience working on building spindles for machine tools, decided to begin their own adventure by setting up their business repairing and overhauling multibrand spindles.

Our mission is solving in the shortest amount of time all machine's problems caused by the spindle's breaking.

We accomplish our mission by using our deep understanding of mechanics, our high precision instrumentation and our vast spare parts warehouse.

Wide range of brands

A wide range of spare parts at our disposal
and our experience
allow us to work on a vast selection of brands.


Our experience and our instrumentation allow us to achieve effective and precise interventions to repair any spindle.


Our mission is
shorten as much as possibile the machine's stop time.


With a long list of happy clients
our team is the best
pick for your spindle's and
electrospindles repairs.

Ask for a quotation on your spindle's repairs, it will be disassembled and
checked for a correct damage rating and quantification.
The quotation in our headquarters is always done for free.
You only pay the shipment fees.