Operative process

Upon its arrival the spindle is immediatly registered to allow for a perfect traceability during the entire repairing process.


The spindle is completely disassembled allowing for a proper fault check. Our quotation is built upon mechanical and electrical tests.


Each part of the spindle is cleaned with extreme precision with a high pressure part cleaner. If necessary parts may be sandblasted with glass micro spheres.

All necessary work to restore damaged or out of tolerance parts is made.

Parts which cannot be repaired are rebuilt.
We also use original spare parts like:

  • bearings Skf, Nsk, Fag
  • pliers and rods for tool change Ott, Berg, Bellodi 
  • encoder reader Lenord Bauer, Vs Sensorik, Siemens, Heidenhain 
  • tool change sensors Balluff, Contrinex 
  • rotating joints Gat, Ott, Deublin, Rotoflux 

All rotating parts are balanced before assembly. During the running in we perform another dynamic balancing, after which we issue a certificate of balacing at max rotating speed.

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After assembly of all mechanical and electrical parts the spindle is run in and tested on special test bench.

Tests performed are:

  • tool-down and 300 mm extension rotation error test
  • tool clamping force test
  • electrical parameter test
  • sensor and phonic wheel reader calibration
  • test data certificate

All overhauls are covered by 12-month warranty and test certificate.

We work on reparing, overhauling and assistance on spindles and electrospindles.